AutoLand Autos - the premium used and classic cars dealership

AutoLand Autos

50 Boynton Ave, Plattsburgh NY
Tel: (518) 572-7200


This video is dedicated to my best friend, my business mentor, my dad, Roland C. Racine, 5/21/29 - 12/20/08.

I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. 

Dear Prospective Customer,

Hello! and Thank You for stopping in and looking at our quality used vehicles.

AutoLand is owned and operated by Michael Racine, a one man operation dedicated to giving customers high quality vehicles and GREAT PRICES. AutoLand was started out of my passion for cars that began as a young boy while helping out my father (Roland Racine) at his auto dealership which he started in 1962 and operated for over 25 years.

I do realize it may be an inconvenience to you trying to catch me here, since I am in and out so often throughout the day. I own and operate WashLand Laundromat, WashLand CarWash and maintain a number of rentals in the area. I am an honest hardworking businessman that plans to stay in business for many years. I stand behind every vehicle I sell and my goal is to always keep my customers happy.

Finally, I keep my prices low by keeping my overhead low, this is why there is no high paid salesman waiting to greet you. If you take the time to call me about the vehicle you have interest in, you will find that my GREAT PRICES and after the sale service will make up for the small inconvenience you may have experienced, by having to phone me.

Please give me a call now and let me give you a Great Deal on a quality vehicle. I can be easily reached any day on my cellular phone at 518-572-7200.


Michael Racine

Owner AutoLand

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